Welcome to the website of GowenHaus Rottweiler kennels. We hope you enjoy a view of our dogs. Please sign my guestbook. We are located in Northwestern Lower Michigan. We are striving to breed some of the finest rottweilers in the world. Our breeding stock comes mostly from Germany along with a few other European countries. We have searched and still search for the best dogs and bloodlines available so that we breed dogs that will be able to compete and win in all events - show and work. Here at GowenHaus Rottweiler kennels, we believe in the total rottweiler. A rottweiler should possess all these qualities:

  1. Mental Soundness -should be of sound-stable character -predictable and sensible-have intelligence-sense and ability to distinguish between threats and non-threatening situations.
  2. Physical Soundness- A rottweiler should be physically sound to perform agility and endurance work. Should possess correct- proper structure and bone to have ability to perform physically demanding work.
  3. Beauty- Although we'd like to see this as number 1 -it would be a great injustice to the breed to do so. So we try to breed dogs with all three of these attributes- to give a" complete rottweiler". This is the "ideal rottweiler"!
  4. Drive- rottweilers must possess a good drive to have the desire and ability to do work. Rotts without drive can not be complete rottweilers either. The rottweiler was bred to be a "working dog."  A lazy dog won't work!

What good is a beautiful crippled rott- or a beautiful crazy rott -that attacks every thing it sees. We must all strive to breed rottweilers that have the disposition to conform with the society of today. With the problems a few poorly bred - mistrained-unsupervised rottweilers have caused, the reputation of the rottweiler has suffered almost irreparably. All breeders and owners of rottweilers must strive to keep this noble breed free and welcome everywhere in the world. We do not want our dogs attacking everybody and everything-but we do not want the rottweiler to run up and lick every stranger it sees either. We like to keep the protective-guarding instinct without having a maniac. Training and socialization are major keys to the mental development of the rottweiler. Many temperament problems could be avoided with proper training and socialization.

Our dogs are excellent Rottweilers. All our pups are bred from the best producing - finest show dogs - combined with the best working dogs in the world. All breeding stock has a parent or grandparent that was a Klubseiger in Germany. Many were Korung and lifetime Korung dogs. For excellence unequalled, try a Gowen Haus puppy. They have true Rottweiler temperaments: good guard dogs, not overly friendly with strangers but loyal and loving to family members. They have very good drive, and are agile and athletic. They have strong temperaments for Schutzhund work with their strong pedigrees, correct and beautiful bodies.

Puppies and young adults occasionally available.

Puppies are sold with guarantees.

Honest - reliable importing also available from all persons involved and knowledgeable ROTTWEILER breeders.